Terms of Use


Every effort is made to provide accurate information within the DAAR database, and while the information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, the accuracy, completeness, and the opinions based thereon, are not guaranteed. As such, The Polis Center its data source providers make no representations or warranty about the accuracy of the data and are not responsible for derived products or resulting analyses based on data obtained from DAAR.

The Polis Center would appreciate it if data users would call to our attention any errors that are discovered when using DAAR by contacting us at daar@iupui.edu . As always, the original data source provider should be cited when publishing maps or when presenting the results of analyses that are based on thes data.


The purpose of this policy is to provide standards of acceptable use of the Digital Atlas of American Religion.

Web Use Guidelines

Users are asked to act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner in accordance with accepted rules of network etiquette and federal and State law.

Specifically, DAAR web users will be asked to adhere to the following web use standards:

  • Users will obey all Federal and State laws regarding use of the Internet and information obtained or transmitted through the Internet;
  • Users will respect the ownership of information including copyright and license agreements;
  • Users will be courteous in the use of communication and discourse on or through the Internet and network resources.


The Polis Center will reserve the right to log network use and to monitor fileserver space utilization by users, while respecting the privacy rights of users.

The electronic information available to DAAR users does not imply endorsement of the content , nor does DAAR guarantee the accuracy of information received on the Internet. DAAR shall not be responsible for any information that may be lost, damaged or unavailable when using the network or for any information that is retrieved via the Internet.